February 20 – Happy Birthday Bobby Stewart

Stewart2…That’s how a young Bobby Stewart was. The toughest kid in the school by far who sort of lived by an honor code that he would not be a bully. Don’t get me wrong, he always loved beating the crap out of his close friends in just horsing around type skirmishes, but he did not go looking for kids he could pick on ever.

By the time he got to High School, Bobby had developed into a solidly built athlete whose best scholastic sport was football. His sport of passion however had become boxing and he set out to become the best fighter he could possibly be.

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2 thoughts on “February 20 – Happy Birthday Bobby Stewart

  1. He was a great coach, probably the best of the AHS freshman-JV-varsity coaches in the late 60’s. I remember him telling us that he had done some coaching at Hamilton College before taking a teaching job.


  2. Been friends with Bobby for over 50 years . He was also a terrific golfer as was his dad . He was the best Hall Monitor AHS ever had . Very Patient and kind hearted with Kids but took no crap !


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