Why Mike Cinquanti is Running for Mayor of Amsterdam

I’m running for Mayor because I truly love and care about Amsterdam. My wife Rosemary and I have lived here all our lives. We raised our four kids here. I love the people who live here and cherish the memories and the contributions of the people who no longer do. Those memories and contributions are what inspire me to write the stories I include in my books and this blog.

But Amsterdam is in a difficult financial situation and it urgently needs help. This is at the core of my decision to run for office. I will bring to the office of Mayor the work ethic, leadership skills and management experience necessary to more effectively lead this city through the fiscal crisis we are in. My goal is to get Amsterdam’s government operating more efficiently and professionally, realign our city’s financial situation and do so with fairness and more transparency than ever before.

If the people of Amsterdam give me the honor and privilege of serving as your Mayor, I promise I will execute my duties with honestly, integrity and fiscal responsibility. I will always give my very best effort and I promise, with your support, we will bring Amsterdam back on a sound fiscal track.

It’s Time.

If you support my candidacy please take a moment to visit and like my campaign’s Facebook page so I can keep you up-to-date.

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